Our menu is packed full of flavour and freshness, a touch of the exotic and a splash of zing, made fresh daily using quality local ingredients.



We know what you’re thinking. It’s like a burrito, but Moroccan. Actually, the Morrito is more Italian-inspired than Mexican. Anyway, the Morrito is freshness and flavour with serious zing… in a wrap. One part exotic, three parts street food, the Morrito is the Dubba Dubba signature dish.

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Morrito Bowl

You guessed it. It’s pretty much the same as the Morrito, but in a bowl. This is the uncontained and carb-free version of our most famous dish. Choose your combination and get stuck in. It’s good. Very good.

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Mix it up. Design your own salad. We have endless combinations to suit your tastes. All the ingredients are fresh. Put a Moroccan twist on your day and get a pang of serious zing.

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Let your children take charge of their meal. They get to build it how they like. We'll compartmentalise the food for them because let's face it, that's how they like it.

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